I have worked in Childcare for 17 years, firstly as a parent helper, then a Committee member, a practitioner and now I am a Manager, Safeguarding Officer and Parent


I love watching children explore and wonder at new activities, achieve for themselves and become independant learners.




I have worked in childcare for 15 years and I am level 3 qualified. I've specialised in Nurture and Mental Health for which I hold a level 2 qualification.

My ideal role is playing and talking with the children.




I have been in childcare for 10 years, firstly as a Committee member, then a Practitioer and now as a Manager. I have a level 6 qualification and specialise in SEND and Child Behaviour Management.

My favourite thing to do with the children is Mud Day.



I have worked in childcare for 3 years and am level 2 qualified.

I love getting the children messy and using their whole bodies to explore their play.



Emma W

I have worked in Childcare for approximately 6 years, firstly as a Chairperson, then as a 1:1 Practitioner and now as a level 3 qualified Practitioner.

My favourite thing to do with the children is messy and sensory play.


Emma B

I have worked in childcare for 6 years and am a level 3 practitioner. I also am ECAT trained (Every Child a Talker).

My favourite activity with the children is art and craft and anything messy.


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I have been in Childcare for over 25 years, previously as a Practitioner, Deputy Practitioner and then Lead Practitioner. I now work part time in Brambles preschool 

 as Bank Staff



I am the current Chairperson at Brambles Pre-school. My children attended here and I have always had a keen interest in the running of the preschool.